Safely Embracing Winter

Our True North Hardcore Toques are designed to add extra protection where it matters most,
so you can stop worrying and start having fun.

Our toques may have the traditional appearance of Canada’s staple apparel but inside is an hidden insert made of ABS polymer and EVA rubber.

Our Story

Growing up in Canada, we embraced winter because you had to. Winters are long and my parents didn’t like us watching TV (plus there were only two channels!) so we tobogganed, built forts, skied, skated didn’t matter. Cold toes & hot chocolate were part of life.

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a Canadian pastime

On the pond all you need is skates, a stick, puck and a toque..

And sometimes your trusty best friend.

The Outdoor Rink

The ODR brings communities together for the love of a sport, to play hard, meet friends and leave with frozen toes and a smile! 


Blog posts

Nov 12, 2022

Our Story

Canada offers an abundance of wide open spaces to explore and outdoor adventures fit for all ages. Dubbed as the Grea...

Dec 23, 2021

The Story Behind our Toques

Founder of True North Hardcore Toque Ltd., Sarah Morin was interview by CBC's Edmonton Am's Mark Connolly. A short...
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