The Story Behind our Toques

The Story Behind our Toques

Founder of True North Hardcore Toque Ltd., Sarah Morin was interview by CBC's Edmonton Am's Mark Connolly. A short 6 minute radio interview touched on how the company began, insights on what makes our Toques different than your regular toque and of course the question on how to spell "Toque" or "Tuque".
Message from Sarah
"As most of you know I launched True North Hardcore Toque LTD. this past fall. What was an idea last Christmas, is now a toque that is selling across Canada and I couldn't be more excited.
This morning, I did a radio interview with CBC Edmonton Am's, Mark Connolly and I am thrilled to have been able to share the story behind my toques! I thank all my friends who have supported me and was beyond grateful for this opportunity.
Have a listen ~Sarah"
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