Our Story

Our Story

Canada offers an abundance of wide open spaces to explore and outdoor adventures fit for all ages. Dubbed as the Great White North, it is known as the perfect winter sports destination. 

Residents in Canada are inclined to try all kinds of outdoor activities - from tobogganing, building forts, skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, skating, hockey and many more. Living in Canada, you naturally embrace winter.

Like safety, play is deemed critical to an individual’s development and so limiting opportunities to play also hinders their health and well-being. 

Sarah Morin, a mom of three boys, saw the need for head protection for outdoor winter sports and rink that were not necessarily helmets. Having a background in action sportswear, she thought of innovating the classic toque to include an insertion for added protection. 

In the early months of 2021, she worked on creating the perfect hardcore toque to ensure that sizing is right, and that it is comfortable and cool enough to wear. She launched her product line True North Hardcore Toque (TNHT) Fall of 2021. The products encompass all the feelings of being at the rink growing up, with a hard core to give it a little more protection than a typical toque. 

As ingenious as the products may be, they are not intended to replace helmets. It is simply to give an added layer of protection for those choosing to wear toques when they are on ice. 

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